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Dear visitor ! You will find here my personal history of photography from 1978 to now.
Due to the time span, there will be some scanned slides and negatives as well as digital pictures.
I used to work mostly with Fujichrome Provia and Velvia, Kodak Elite Chrome for slides, Ilford Delta for n&b, Kodacolor Gold for color negatives. I would usually use 100/400 iso.
Scanning is done with a plustek OpticFilm 8200i Ai at 7200DPI then the tiff images are processed, in Photoshop and sometimes in DxO too, then they are reduced, watermarked and published here.
Some of the material has not aged nicely … storage problems mostly … so there will be scratches and other marks from time to time. I will do some corrections by hand, but since it is a slow and delicate process, I will do it only on the ones I really like or the ones I will print.

The galleries will be published by theme and will grow and change while I scan and include more photos.

So this is the current selection: