But who the hell am I ?


Voigtländer Vito C


First thing, I am not a professional photographer. My day job is in IT and taking pictures has always been, and will always be a hobby. This being said, my love story with photography starts towards the end of the seventies. My camera at the time is nothing less than a "Voigtländer Vito C" ... This beast.

This is a very basic camera, totally devoid of any means to assist the photographer. Taking pictures is guesswork and experience, at the time, my success rate is of about one good picture out of twenty.

The camera has good optics though and having to judge distance, speed and aperture without any assistance did teach me a few things about how photography works.


Pentax P30


Canon A1


Canon T90

Between the 80's and the 00's I keep exposing film with different cameras, first a small Pentax then a few Canons.
We are talking manual focus and film of course ... At the time I mostly shoot slides (Velvia and Elite) and some B&W (Delta 100/400).

Shooting film means 36 exposures and spending some time and money before you can see any result.
This tends to make you patient and cautious when you shoot, especially if you pay for it and get only satisfaction in return ...


Nikon D90


Sony Alpha 7RII

Finally, in 2010, I take the plunge and buy my first digital camera, which is also my first autofocus camera, this time a Nikon for a change. You might wonder why I don't stay with Canon, but just remember the FD lenses were not compatible with the new EF cameras ... So the move meant buying new lenses anyway and the camera I chose was one I had the opportunity of trying and liking a lot during a long trip.

What I like in digital photography is that it always delivers at least a passable picture. But I didn't feel home with this type of photography (did I hear old fart ?) and, although I kept taking pictures (a lot) I tended to grow frustrated. This lasted a few years until, in 2015, I bought a Sony Alpha which is my current companion and which closes the loop by allowing me (with the right adapters) to use my old manual FD lenses (as well as any lens vintage or not that I feel like buying, there seems to be an adapter for mostly anything) and to go back to the style of taking pictures that I used to like.

As you might see on this site, I take pictures of mostly anything, landscapes, animals, architecture, people sometimes, ..., but I especially like to take my time to think about the picture I will be taking and adjust the settings to get exactly what I want.

I go to auto modes mostly when shooting animals that do not cooperate and keep the pose longe enough for me to get the picture I want. This tends to happen a lot on safaris, since I am part Kenyan (by marriage) I like to spend some time in the parks and it shows on some of my pictures.

Throughout all these years I have accumulated several thousand pictures, statistically, there has to be a few good ones in the pack. I believe that my best picture will be the next though.

The pictures displayed on this site are part digital and part film, I had some scanning done which allows me to publish some of my beloved oldies, but I will have to redo the scan personally for the best ones because the bulk scan did not produce the quality I want. So more pictures will appear and some published ones will get better as I redo them. I have absolutely no religion about using tools like DxO and Photoshop to work on my pictures, as far as I am concerned, there is no difference in choosing paper grades or masking during a print and applying a software filter, pictures have always been processed and I will keep processing mine. I shoot in raw just to keep more options opened.

I keep doing film from time to time, on delta 100/400 because I still have a lab at home and I enjoy processing the film and the prints.

So this is it mostly, I hope you will enjoy the visit, don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any question or want to share anything.

Fujifilm X100F


Latest news ! I just acquired a Fujifilm X100F that will be my everyday camera now. It is small and light enough to be with me at all times and will allow me to never miss that picture I would have taken if only I had my gear ... I have already made a few pictures with it, I still need lots of time to be perfectly comfortable, but I do already love the camera. Plus, you will notice how nicely the loop closes itself from my first pictures in the seventies to this new camera.